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Areas of Specialty
  • Corporate narration
  • Medical narration
  • E-Learning presentations
  • Radio/TV commercials
  • Sales training and promotional videos
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Web videos

A Guy Who Just Talks to You...

Confident, professional delivery.

Jerry’s rich, mellow baritone, with just a touch of grit, captures your ear with a warm and sincere delivery. His confident and professional style is a comfortable fit for corporate and medical narrations, e-Learning presentations and radio/TV commercials.

As a male voice over actor, Jerry is the personification of the doctor with a warm and understanding bedside manner, the teacher who makes a boring subject come alive, the grandpa who could make any historic story seem “in the moment” or the wise older friend you call when you need some advice.

Given his extensive VO experience, Jerry takes direction well and can change delivery on a dime. He’s an effective communicator and understands his role in a script. He can be warm and trustworthy for commercials, smooth and professional for narrations and e-Learning presentations, and yes, wry and sarcastic are in his back pocket too.

Bottom line…Jerry’s voice puts you at ease, right away.

So have a seat…and take a listen.

Trusted By


Scientific Animations • View Medica • Hybrid Medical Animations • MedMovie • Ghost Productions • Infuse Medical • Boston Digital Video • Illumina Interactive • Elm City Communications • Random42 • BioMedia Communications • Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide • Understand.com • Audiobit Studios • and more…

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